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chicago mayor ron emmanuel hoping that his budget will bridge some gaps. >> the mayor's plan to get the city at least in his words back on track. mayor emanuel says he will not taxed shoppers homeowners or driver in order to pay for the state pension problems he is turning to springfield for relief and so far he has received a non and until he does he makes it clear he doesn't want the people of
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chicago to choose between pension payments or public health or public safety, something has to change. >> our goal is reform where we can, caught where we must invest where it matters. >>cut where we must and invest where it matters. >> the damage is $1.2 billion in underfunded pensions, a number that will come to fruition if nothing changes and it will happen in a matter of four years. what we really need most is our representatives in springfield to step up, take their share of responsibility and not miss this critical opportunity once again. it's
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gotten worse over time by the city council not making it a priority for the last several years. chicago is facing a 25% increase in homicides compared to this same time last year. some say our streets need more human power and we need it now. it's just not an accurate reflection of what's going on in the police department in chicago.
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>> we will not raise property taxes, we will not raise sales tax, we will not raise the fuel tax, we will not raise the amusement tax. chicago is known as a city that works and this is our opportunity to deliver a budget that works for the taxpayers. >> chicago public school teachers will see their funds emptied in a matter of a year or so shortly after that the police and fire pension funds run dry right now hiking property taxes by 150%. the mayor spoke a little bit more about the budget pensions. 1800 students are
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staying at home, the teachers' union in the school board say they are still far apart. lake forest teachers do have a new contract. the district 115 board approved the contract late tuesday after 97% ratification by the union earlier in the day the board also announced a new committee. an animal rights group is asking kraft foods and other companies to stop by and idaho dairy farm undercover video exposes the alleged animal abuse at the facility and its from the group mercy for animals.
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the firestorm involves the largest dairy operation in idaho, bent corked dairycourt dairy we want to warn you the following videos are disturbing and hard to watch. laden in sadistic animal cruelty has been allowed to flourish at this farm. executives immediately fired five employees helping investigators pressed mr. meter animal abuse charges against three workers as a result of the exclusivity of thevideo, mercy animals accuses kraft foods of being
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slow to respond. our dairy suppliers must meet or exceed the animal care guidelines... >> kraft has the power and the
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ethical responsibility to help and some of the worst forms of animal abuse in the dairy industry. a 77 year-old south side man tells police that he stole an ambulance because he needed to get home, john neal was arrested for taking a cicero ambulance after being kicked out of the hospital for reportedly being drunk and increase the ambulance was sitting outside the hospital with the keys in the ignition, he has never had a driver's license but he got in the ambulance and drove off. he was arrested near 63rd and ashland. still ahead tonight, a new poll on the race for president no surprise who is winning ill. but what's interesting is the impact of the congressional race down states. the anti-dumping agency says it lance armstrong
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once the evidence we will give it to him and it's overwhelming they say the allegations against him. and tom skilling tells us when those temperatures will go up again.
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>> first of all we will put them to sleep when we talk about the overall illinois numbers but we know most likely he is in the lead however downstate, the fact is we know that obama is more than likely to win this stage they really haven't moved since the last poll in february. when you go deeper into the numbers this is a big contested state for congress the house democrats want to get 25 internationally to regain control they look at illinois as a pathway through it but we start looking down state for example support for rana
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among downstate voters was 46- 41. now you have this issue of three verily heavily competitive seats downstage one with a freshman republican that is in the quad city won in central illinois that was a republican seat but an incumbent quit and then you have a democratic incumbent retired. when you look at where these numbers are for example you go from the issue of just over all who to vote for it and then you start looking at what you think of the president's handling of the jobs into the economy. you have a
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before and after so to speak on how the president and mr. romney compare with jobs. when you look at two years ago in the depths of a great receptionfor recession 42 percent approved of obama's handling. again when you look at those numbers there is still complains downstate how did these two candidates helpmeet feel about me? which candidate cares more about people like you? the reason i call it a gut check is because it's not necessarily anything statistical
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it's just who is coming across better as someone who can relate to and here i think it shows the success of the obama camp. on this question across age, gender and geography obama won this election. republican presidential hopeful romijn appears to have changed his position on abortion again a key issue among social conservatives, while visiting ohio today. romney also said if elected he would reinstate the so-called mexico city policy
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which bans federal funds. will president obama, swinging in round two of the presidential debates next week critics said he didn't seem too enthusiastic last week's soap for the second time he said he will not be mr. nice guy next time. romney changes positions on a number of issues. vice president joe biden and paul ryan are gearing up for their debates the school will square off tomorrow night.
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the first congressional hearing try to learn exactly what happened at the ben gauzy attacks. one thing it was clear it was not in response to the internet video that caused the international uproar. i had not seen an attack of such ferocity and intensity previously in libya our ambassador in three other individuals are dead and people are in the hospital recovering because it only took a moment to breach that facility somehow it doesn't seem to ring true to the american people.
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mayor emanuel in the hot seat with the chicago tribune editorial board defending his budget after he waited out of four city before city council. úz÷ó÷w÷v"x÷5kp?ó>gí@yoç,=çw@7p7únú]p;nox0ñ>-xwúóx]p0p?w6@9÷ñp@:y
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ít>lí=? ñp>.;pb>ñ>ñlíç?oú@oñrgpzuoboard members quizzed the mayor today on a variety of topics.
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they are low key. one question after another the q&a lasted a little over one hour this afternoon it's been one year since the mayor said down with the tribune editorial board. a loose and open format, chicago tribune editorial board asked mayor ron emanuel about all kinds of challenges facing the city at the heart of the discussion the mayor's 2013 budget and how he plans to tackle pension reform. mayor emanuel says 75 percent of the
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state's problems with pension reform lie with education. if any leader says i am for pension reform i will not deal with that they're not telling the truth and they are only doing lip service. we're going to make sure that we are building on that. top to bottom, 12,500. he used this cta as an example. in conclusion the mayor says there are no easy solutions but he says he is taking the necessary steps to get the city back on
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track and out of debt. i think we are in a better position. and to make critical investments in the city's future. and also put money back in the rainy day fund. the mayor was also asked about president obama is a weak performance during the first debate and he says the president is out of practice because he has been busy leading the country instead of debating his rivals for the past year. lance armstrong new reports say that he was part of the biggest doping brings in sports history. and also facebook helping to stop the spread of spds and a
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local community center that is housing and helping chicago students.
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a british study answers the question following a more than 1000 girls that received the hpd vaccine. v vaccine, the study concluded that the vaccine does not alter sexual behavior.
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mothers that a lots of fish could reduce symptoms of attention deficit disorder however the right fish is important but the mercury in fish is something to be cautious of cancersince high mercury levels could cause complications. i am now
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remembering to grab my coat before i walk out the door because it is starting to get cold. beautiful colors more great pictures.
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>> it is a beautiful day i heard a lotus into mark asking about when the warm weather is coming. tomorrow we turned warm and cool friday. what a spectacular day look how shark that horizon is. we are 10.2 degrees below one year ago. you
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can see gale warnings up in the lake in anticipation of the wind to increase. and the sun sets at 616 tomorrow night down 4 hours now from june 21st. the days are short. that warm air will be in here during the day tomorrow pushing temperatures up some. let me show you some of the lows overnight. we will check this
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temperature drop. these are some of the gusts around the area today. for lunchtime tomorrow we could have 40 mi. per hour gusts pumping the warm air back into
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the area. a powerhouse storm coming together and pumping the warm air in our direction. humidity at 65 percent tonight the headline is tomorrow a windy and mild day was stormy weather over the weekend but not continuously we're getting re numbers off the models that are impressive looking. a warm front
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swings through here saturday morning. in between saturday morning and saturday nights a cold front will pass we could actually get into the mid-70s in parts of the area. chilly strengthening southwest winds mid-40s in the loop. 39 should be the low at o'hare winds will be southwest.
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>> my usual 9:00 partner is out on the town tonight mike, a terror was hosting the women in the film chicago achievement award, it's the largest festival of the year ended honors women who have made significant advances in television, film and theater and advertising. and
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>> is a bold new approach to boosted college graduation rates the 12.2 fillion dollar low-cost housing and educational resource center, it's like nothing else in the country which is why it's drawn so much national attention. in the heart of chicago's historic neighborhood gateway to generations of immigrants it stands as a symbol of hope, the brand new 7 story la casa building the academic home to lots of aspiring students.
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making students feel at home is part of the goal of lacoste's that a student housing facility with comprehensive tutoring services and an on-site resource center, it's all designed to nurture hard-working undergraduates like this girl so she makes it to graduation. we will help each other get through it and i think that's important. look casa is the brainchild of the resurrection prospectproject developing healthy communities to economic revitalization, affordable housing, civic engagement and better education for students. look costa will provide them with all kinds of opportunities we are very excited about killed and the next generation of leaders. less
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financial aid and fewer opportunities to work on campus make things even more difficult for latino students who rarely have the luxury of going to school full-time. at the casa students have room to work in a dorm like atmosphere that can
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hold up to 100 kids in a team of resident advisers with five college students sharing a spacious kitchen living room and community study area, because suppositions looklook, suppositions youngforla casa positions young people for a success. la focus we have a link to phone numbers and other vital information to help you get started. still ahead, a scathing
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report released today about lance armstrong and doping allegations.
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let's turn to tom skilling in those weather center. >> you will like tomorrow it will be windy but it will get warmer friday cools off and the weekend warms up. we are up to
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saturday morning and the showers have reached parts of the chicago area that may pick up through the morning so we could get some downpours. by lunchtime the showers and thunderstorms have scattered up and cluster to the northwest of us. here's how much rain may come down. there is a severe weather risk on friday out in the plane's probably just west of chicago but if some of those were to stay alive they may come through here in gusty fashion saturday
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night so we will be watching that look at the windsor by saturday morning. here is our cooler air on friday. what's interesting is blocking starts way up north again. this weekend while it may be warm will be tapping that cool air on the following weekend. 63 tomorrow, falling temperatures sunday. and we could start with a thunderstorm on a cold front nice on monday and back to the '70s on tuesday and wednesday. we are kind of strange this year and trying to catch up apparently. actor and former nfl player alex harris died today at his home in los angeles a native
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of indiana played sports he is a commentator on monday night football and he had a memorable role in blazing saddles one of the first football players to transition to hollywood. he was battling to ventura, kidney failure, heart disease and stomach cancer, he was 77 years old. dementia course not. an
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>> we are sad to report tonight the death of... in a 50 year career as a sports writer 37 of
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those with the chicago tribune he was a great guy who became a tv personality of a popular sports show, he was 81 years old the bears' defensive linemen and a check for $38,000. the path showed 38 grand. they had to pick up the check. we laughed and then we moved on. it
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